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Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs by the Square Metre

Top-quality firewood logs with a long burn and great heat efficiency.

Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs by the Square Metre

Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs 1, 2 or 3 loose m³


Buy Kiln-dried hardwood logs by the cubic metre for economy and value. Logs will be stacked for free in an outside location.

Kiln Dried hardwood logs in nets

Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs 12, 30 or 60 nets

 £110 – £450 Incl. VAT

Choose from 12, 30 or 60 nets for economy firewood.
Always below 18% moisture content.

Other Products

Economy Firewood

These bulk bags are packed full of kiln dried firewood that has been graded out of our first class logs because of their smaller size.

Woodlets Pellets

Convenient barrow bags packed full of top quality kiln-dried hardwood.

Woodchip Mulch

‘Thinner’ than our standard size logs, making them ideal for pizza ovens

Free Local Delivery

We offer free delivery on firewood orders over £80 to all of Northamptonshire as well as large areas of Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Leicestershire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire.

Free Stacking

Free stacking is available on firewood, by one of our drivers, when you order any loose cubic metre loads or nets. Please note we do not stack inside houses but can stack in outbuildings, garages, sheds etc

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Firewood You Can

At Nene Valley Firewood we pride ourselves on authenticity and sustainability. This means you can rest assured you will be fuelling your fire with the highest quality firewood.

Woodsure Approved

Sustainably Sourced

Average Moisture 18%

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Based on 52 reviews
Fantastic service and excellent quality products. When I messed up entering a discount code on an order they refunded the discount after the fact. Not many businesses these days are so customer focussed. Will use Nene Valley Firewood again and will recommend to others.
Mike Paice
Absolutely the best firewood in this area. I had to buy elsewhere pre Christmas (poor planning). Everyone else’s wood burns cooler and smokier. Nene wood burns clean and super hot and the logs burn longer. The difference is massive.
Linda Gadsby
Amazing service all stacked in log store. I’ve had a lot of logs from other places and none of them burn like these they are fantastic quality logs that burn hotter than any I’ve had before.I will not go anywhere else now 5 stars for everything
Daniel Morrall
Great place to get wood for you fire
I’m not sure if I am missing anything so I am happy to be corrected. Are you delivery only? Went on a bit of a wild log chase today to the address on your website to discover that it’s your office. If you are delivery only it needs to be clearer. Tried calling for help but number went to voicemail despite website saying Saturday hours were until 16:00. Thanks for the update, really helpful info. Rating amended accordingly.
Bernie Hewitt
A* perfect service, highly recommend ☺️
Katerina Barnby
I am so impressed with the service and the quality of the wood. Arrived today and was stacked in our shed by a lovely gentleman who went out his way to put the wood in there for us although it was a bit of a way from the front of the house. The wood itself is dry and burns very well. Great experience all in all, You've got one happy customer. Will always buy from here from now on. Thank you!
Jon Harlow
Really happy with the service provided by Nene Valley Firewood, delivery is prompt and I get messaged or called to let me know when I can expect my delivery. And the price includes stacking, yes they stack it for me in my wood store. Great service guys, thank you.
Becky Brown
Excellent service, cannot recommend enough! So helpful