Why buy kiln-dried firewood?

Logs need to be dried before they are burnt; if they aren’t, the extra moisture must be dried off by the fire, wasting precious heat energy. Additionally, wet firewood releases harmful toxins that can build up in your appliance increasing the risk of a fire. These toxins also escape into the atmosphere and are detrimental to environmental and human health. Kiln-dried logs provide a consistent product that will always burn well, with less smoke and emissions.

What is the Woodsure ‘Ready to Burn’ Scheme?

We are delighted to be certified by the Woodsure ‘Ready to Burn’ scheme. They are the only certification scheme in the UK that rigorously checks that wood fuel producers produce and supply wood fuel to the correct standard. Not only do their rigorous standards contribute to the reduction of air pollution, they also act to protect your appliance from unnecessary damage. To learn more about this worthwhile scheme, visit https://woodsure.co.uk/.

Where does your timber come from?

All our timber comes from managed forests, woodland management schemes and infrastructure maintenance and projects.

What species are your logs?

We only sell kiln-dried hardwood. The species we sell are predominately a mix of Beech, Ash and Oak.

How do you dry the firewood?

We first season the round timber in the open; it is then processed into logs which we aim to season further before being put into the kilns for 7-10 days or until they are below 18% moisture. All our kilns are heated by renewable energy.

Can I store the logs outside?

The best place for storing kiln-dried logs is in a warm and dry place. The warmer and drier the environment, the better the logs will keep and burn. We would always suggest the logs are stored in a garage or dry shed as a minimum. However, if this isn’t possible, you can store them outside but they should be under cover and raised off the ground to promote air flow.

How are the logs delivered?

All deliveries are made by our own Nene Valley Firewood team on a long-wheel based van. If you have ordered a loose cubic metre, it will be delivered in small trays that are taken away after being stacked. If you order a bulk bag this will be manually pulled off the van by the driver and left in a convenient spot on your drive.

How will I know when my logs will be delivered?

We will always give you a call or text to arrange a date and time as we want to make sure it is convenient for you. Your delivery will usually happen within 3 – 5 working days of you placing your order. During busier periods, this could be longer but we can always give you an estimate.

I need logs tomorrow, can you deliver?

There is a Premium Next Day Delivery option at the checkout (£40) which, if you place your order before 4pm, guarantees your logs will be delivered the next day. This offer excludes weekends and Bank Holidays.

If you have any other questions, please call us on 01327 829529 or send us an email: info@nenevalleyfirewood.co.uk.