Kiln-dried logs are the crème de la crème of firewood. Although slightly more expensive, you will certainly notice the difference in burn quality and duration. Kiln-dried logs reduce the amount of harmful toxins being realised into the atmosphere compared to unseasoned/seasoned firewood as well as protecting the longevity of your log burner. It is therefore important to consider how you are storing your kiln-dried logs so that they give you all that precious heat energy you paid for.

The number ideal place to store  your kiln-dried logs is indoors in a dry, well ventilated space. A garage, shed or outbuilding are good examples, but we acknowledge that this isn’t accessible for everyone. So here are some tips for storing your kiln-dried logs the best you can if you need to store your logs outside:

Location – if you need to store your logs outside take time to find the most sheltered part of your property so as to prevent your logs from any excessive exposure to the elements. Make sure you are not storing under any overhanging trees that can drip on your logs.

Raise from ground – it is recommended for logs being stored inside in a garage for example, and outside, to be raised from the ground. This can be done using a pallet or planks of wood for example. This helps to promote airflow and if being stored outside, it reduces contact with the ground, reducing moisture absorption.

Stack you logs – at Nene Valley Firewood we’ll stack your logs for you for free if you order one or more of our loose cubic metres. Asides from the convenience and aesthetics factors, stacking logs neatly can act as form of protection from the elements if you are storing outside.

Bring them inside before burning – if you are storing your logs outside it is recommenced to bring a small load inside before burning them. This allows any moisture build up from being outside to reduce. If you want a stylish and practical method of transporting your logs indoors check out our popular canvas log carriers.

Buy in smaller quantities – although not always the most economical, if you have limited space it is advised to buy in smaller quantities to ensure that you aren’t losing  heat energy by storing your logs in an unsuitable location. Our barrow bags and netted logs are ideal for this and qualify for free delivery when you spend £60 or more.

If you would like further advice on how best to store your kiln dried logs feel feel to send us an enquiry and we’ll get back you within 24hours. We can also help with what quantity of logs would be suitable for your log store. Just send us through your dimensions and we’ll get back to you with an estimate.