If you are new to your log burner, choosing the right logs can be a minefield. But it pays to do your research to ensure the logs you purchase will provide you with efficient, clean burning for maximal heat output. We would always recommend kiln-dried logs over seasoned logs as they have been dried in a controlled environment to reduce their moisture content. This means that they are ready to burn on fireplaces, wood stoves, and other heating appliances. Seasoned wood takes far longer to achieve the same moisture content as kiln drying can. Low moisture content is important not only for heat output but also the preservation of your appliance as well as the environment.

Below we have outlined some of the most important factors to consider when choosing your firewood:

Research The Supplier:

Checking that the company is accredited by the Woodsure ‘Ready To Burn’ Scheme is the easiest way to do this. This scheme rigorously monitors the firewood that these companies are selling to give you piece of mind that the logs you receive will be of high quality. Other ways to check for a reliable supplier is to read reviews, ask for recommendations, and research the supplier’s practices.

Choose Kiln-Dried,Hardwood Logs:

We would always recommend opting for hardwood species like ash, oak, beech, or birch. Hardwoods burn longer, produce more heat, and create less creosote build up in chimneys compared to softwoods. So not only do you get a a greater heat output, you are protecting and prolonging the life span of you appliance.

Check Moisture Content:

Kiln-dried logs should have a moisture content of around 20% or lower. Moisture inhibits the combustion process, so instead of outputting heat,  the energy is working hard to dry the wood out as its is burning. This can lead smokiness which is toxic for the environment and our health.

Uniform Size and Shape:

Look for logs that are cut and split to uniform lengths and sizes.  This ensures consistent burning and easier stacking as well. It is also useful to have log sizes best suited to the size of your logs burner. At Nene Firewood Firewood, we sell our logs in a variety of quantities and logs sizes to to give our customers greater options.

Clean and Pest-Free:

Ensure the logs are clean and free from dirt, debris, and pests. Avoid logs that have visible signs of insect infestations or damage.

Shop Local:

Whenever possible, choose locally sourced kiln-dried logs. Local suppliers may offer fresher wood that is well-suited to your climate. It also doesn’t have to travel hundreds of unnecessary miles to reach your doorstep.

Price vs. Quality:

While price is a consideration, try and prioritize quality over the cheapest option. Well-dried, high-quality logs will burn more efficiently and reduce the maintenance needs of your heating appliance.

Trial Purchase:

If you’re trying a new supplier, consider making a small trial purchase before committing to a larger quantity. This will allow you to evaluate the quality of the logs before making a bigger investment.

By evaluating these factors and choosing kiln-dried logs that meet your requirements, you can ensure a more enjoyable and efficient heating experience while minimizing the environmental impact and maintenance of your heating appliance.

About Nene Valley Firewood Logs

  • Accredited by the Woodsure Ready To Burn Scheme
  • British Firewood
  • Sourced within a 100 miles radius of our base in Northamptonshire
  • Kiln dried to below an average of 18% moisture
  • Our timber typically comes from managed forests, woodland management schemes and infrastructure maintenance projects.

Logs cut to different lengths for your convenience

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