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  • Sawdust is a sawmill by-product; it can be used in gardening, pet care, etc. Sawdust when used as a soil conditioner: - Adds organic matter to the soil, which improves its structure and helps it retain water and nutrients - Balances the pH of the soil - Attracts earthworms and other beneficial organisms Sawdust is also an excellent mulch for gardens. It suppresses weeds, helps retain moisture in the soil, and keeps the roots of plants cool in summer. Sawdust also adds nutrients to the soil as it decomposes. It can also be a great medium for mushroom growth.
  • Delivita Pizza Oven

    In Stock

    • These beautifully designed versatile ovens offer superb performance.
    • Weighing only 30kg makes them portable to enjoy everywhere.
    • Crafted by hand in Yorkshire.
    • Traditional clay interior.
    • Can be used to slow cook, roast, BBQ, hot smoke, bake and of course produce exceptional pizzas with ease.
    • Included: Delivita instruction manual and recipe book.
    • Free local delivery (see delivery section to check your postcode).
    • The Wood Fired Collection includes an all weather oven cover, brush, prod & blow, curing starter pack, oven door, iron dish, leather glove & recipe book.
    • The Complete Collection additionally includes a pizza peel, cutter, dough scraper, organic vegan dough, pizza turner, fold away oven stand & infrared gun.
  • Gift Card

    In Stock

    The Nene Valley Firewood gift card.
  • Out of stock

    Small Meadow Hay Bales

    Out of Stock

    • Meadow Hay.
    • Small square bales.
    • Very clean.
    • Harvested in perfect conditions July 2021.
    • £10 per bale, or £8 per bale when you by 10 or more.
  • My BBQ

    In Stock

    • Small size for great portability.
    • Ready to cook in 20 min.
    • With only 0.70 kg of pellets it offers a cooking autonomy of 80 minutes.
    • Homogenous flame over the whole plate.
    • More efficient than electricity or any gas.
    • Ash residue can be used as compostable waste or as fertiliser for plants.
    • Made in Italy.
    • Watch a MyBBQ instructional video
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