In the wake of COP26 and with extreme weather events on the increase it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the serious global challenges we face. However, we believe that a lot of difference can be made on an individual level. By each one of us committing to making small but consistent changes, it can make a huge difference. As a company we are always mindful of our environmental impact and how we can reduce our carbon footprint. While there are always aspects that need improving, we already have initiatives in place that minimise our environmental impact.

Local Timber

All of our timber has been grown, processed and dried within a 100 mile radius of our base in Daventry, with the majority coming from local estates around Daventry, Banbury, Southam, Leamington, Warwick and Oxford. The timber comes from sustainable sources such as managed woodlands and site clearances. This means our timber is not travelling excessive miles and we are pleased to be supporting local estates and land owners.

Kilns Heated By Biomass Fuel

To make sure you receive the highest quality logs that have been dried to below 18% moisture we kiln dry our own logs at our base near Daventry. Our kilns are heated by sustainable Biomass Fuels such as wood pellets and woodchip. Biomass, put simply, is organic matter that can be transformed into energy. This means that biomass fuels are carbon neutral, renewable and are significantly less destructive than fossil fuels.

Electricity From Wind Turbines

We are proud to say that a large majority of the electricity generated to power our kiln fans and other elements at our site, comes from a local wind turbine plant. Harnessing the wind’s power to generate energy is highly sustainable as it does not require fuel. Wind energy is a renewable, clean form of energy that does not produce pollution or emit greenhouse gases.

Kiln Dried Logs

All of our logs are dried to below 18% moisture. The low moisture content guarantees an effective combustion process preventing unnecessary amounts of smoke, soot and ash being released into the environment. It also means you will get value for money as every log will produce optimum heat. Kiln dried logs are evidently lighter than seasoned logs due to the lower moisture content which means more can be loaded into a van at once reducing the number of trips we have to make.

Reusable Packaging

Although we have room for improvement when it comes to some of our packaging, we do already have sustainable options. For example, our loose cubic metres are delivered in reusable crates that are taken away after the logs have been stacked at your property. This means you have no packaging to dispose of and we can reuse the crates. We also encourage our customers to return their empty bulk bags to us on their next order if they have no use for them so that they can be reused.

Route Planning

At Nene Valley Firewood we put the customer at the centre of everything we do, so when it comes to delivery we do our best to fit around your schedules. However, we do also try and keep the routes as efficient as possible. We fortunately have some great software that enables us to plan the most efficient routes for our deliveries, minimising the miles we travel.

If you have any suggestions on how we could improve, we’d love to hear from you! Please send an email to: