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How To Make The Perfect Wood-Fired Pizza

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Wood-fired pizzas have a rich historical and cultural heritage. The use of wood-fired ovens for baking bread and pizzas dates back centuries and is deeply rooted in various culinary traditions worldwide. The aroma of the wood smoke and the warmth of the oven has long been a focal point for many social gatherings where people [...]

What are we doing to reduce our environmental impact?

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In the wake of COP26 and with extreme weather events on the increase it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the serious global challenges we face. However, we believe that a lot of difference can be made on an individual level. By each one of us committing to making small but consistent changes, it can [...]

Why are kiln-dried logs better?

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Not only are kiln dried logs more efficient and better value, firewood is now legally required to be sold with a moisture content below 20%. Traditionally, logs sold for firewood have been seasoned which means they are left to dry naturally. However, the seasoning process has since been recognised as insufficient as logs were still harbouring [...]

Let’s get outside and eat Pizza

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WHICH WOOD TO SELECT FOR YOUR WOOD FIRED PIZZA OVEN   There is a saying that food tastes better when eaten outside. Maybe that is why so many of us are building our own pizza ovens. Freshly baked pizza, baked and eaten in the garden,  makes every day a special celebration. Great for [...]

Nene Valley Firewood – how we prepare our logs for you

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Nene Valley Firewood VideoWatch our Nene Valley Firewood Video. We love our job. We love preparing our logs for the best wood burning for your home, and this is how we do it!

Keep Your Logs Dry – How to Store Your Firewood

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All our firewood, at Nene Valley Firewood, is kiln dried and ready to burn. If you're wondering how to keep your logs dry, or how to store your firewood to keep moisture out, here are some tips for keeping your firewood as dry as when they were delivered. You've probably already been told that you [...]

Seasonal Scents for Your Wood Burning Stove or Open Fire

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Here are some tips and ideas for making the most of your wood-burning stove. It's that time of year again, summer is gone, and the nights are definitely drawing in. So now is the time to reawaken your fireplace or wood burner to keep that chill at bay. While ordering your kiln-dried logs, here are [...]

A 3 Step Guide – how to light your wood burning stove

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Here's a simple, 3  step guide on how to light your wood burning stove. 1. Prepare Your Stove Check your instruction manuals for your the location of your Airwash and Primary Air Controls, make sure it's open, as this helps to ensure the fire gets the air supply it needs to establish itself properly. 2. Firestarters [...]

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