Here’s a simple, 3  step guide on how to light your wood burning stove.

1. Prepare Your Stove

Check your instruction manuals for your the location of your Airwash and Primary Air Controls, make sure it’s open, as this helps to ensure the fire gets the air supply it needs to establish itself properly.

2. Firestarters

After opening the door(s), place firelighters and dry kindling wood on the grate or firebed – kindling wood is ideal, since each peice is small enough to catch alight easily. And firelighters are infused with a refined paraffin wax to encourage a quick start to your fire . Use a generous amount of kindling to establish a hot firebox as this warms the chimney and aids flue performance.

3. Add larger peices of wood (logs)

Once you have a good fire started with your firelighters and kindling it’s time to add your logs. Choose the smallest of your logs first, and gradually build up the sizes. Do not add too many logs, just add enough to keep the fire going and not smother it. Once your fire is established you can shut the door(s).

If you’re not sure, please do refer to the manual that came with your stove.