What type of wood should you buy? And how do you know if the wood you order will fit your particular stove? Here’s some tips to demystify your log types and sizing questions.

About hardwood

Kiln Dried Firewood

Kiln-dried firewood is a top quality product which is the best option if you want to get maximum heat output from your stove or fireplace. It is also the best wood for the environment. Because it has been in the kiln it is very dry and so when burnt it uses very little of the heat produced to evaporate excess moisture in the log.
All our Kiln dried wood is hardwood and from FSC certified woodlands, we only use Ash and Birch because they both burn and dry out well. Once cut and split it is then loaded into big kilns which are heated by burning waste wood. By blasting hot air through the logs they heat up and give out moisture quickly, this process takes about 7 days and the logs are removed from the kilns when the logs get to just below 20% moisture content.
We store the kiln dried firewood in one of our weather proof barns and deliver them in enclosed vans meaning they arrive at customers dry and ready to burn. We try to always carry big stocks so we can keep our customers supplied all year round whenever they need a log delivery.

Log lengths at Nene Valley Firewood

Generally our firewood is cut to approximately 9 inch/23 cm, and should fit most stove sizes.

But if you’re not sure and need advice about anything wood related we can help.

We are very flexible so always ring us or contact us online, to discuss your personal requirements.