All our firewood, at Nene Valley Firewood, is kiln dried and ready to burn. If you’re wondering how to keep your logs dry, or how to store your firewood to keep moisture out, here are some tips for keeping your firewood as dry as when they were delivered.

You’ve probably already been told that you should only burn kiln-dried wood, but do you know why?

Attempting to burn , ‘wet’ logs other wood, which still contains a higher moisture level, will produce steam rather than heat, because up to 45% of the actual weight of newly felled wood is water. It also can result in tar deposits and smoke.

Wood labeled Kiln dried (whether hard or softwood) reduces the moisture content to below 25% and therefore allows the wood to burn better, brighter, and more effficiently. It is better for the environment and for health than wood that has not had the moisture level reduced significantly by kiln drying.


In order for your logs to stay dry air must circulate through and around your woodstack. When stacking making sure there is space between each log helps them to stay dry.

We offer a free, local stacking service for all our loose log products and we stack so your logs have less chance of becoming damp and mildewy through the season.


Tarpaulin is a simple way to protect your firewood from the rain and snow, but don’t wrap it to the point that there is little to no air circulation. Wrap loosely while making sure it doesn’t come in contact with the elements.


Wooden pallets are an easy way to allow air circulation and to keep your logs away from moisture on the ground. Some garden centres give these away for free, but buying one or two is inexpensive and does the job.


If you’re stacking near a wall make sure to leave a gap. A 10cm gap will allow for ventilation and help to deter termites and other bugs from making a home in your wood stack.


Lastly, for best results bring your wood in a day before you use it, the warmth of your home will dry out some of the moisture it may have gained while outside.

If storage space is an issue, why not buy smaller quantities more often? Here at Nene Valley Firewood we have various sizes of multi-bags, bulk bags, and loose logs.

Do you have a tip for keeping your wood dry? We’d love to hear from you.

Have a great autumn/winter season with Nene Valley Firewood kiln-dried wood logs.